Post Isometric Relaxation

What is Post Isometric Relaxation?

Post Isometric relaxation (PIR) is a very effective method of dealing with muscle tension and stress. PIR consists of placing your tight muscle in a stretched position, minimal contracting the muscle, and then stretching again. Dr. Bollenbach will use this technique to achieve maximal stretching of your sore, tight muscles. This method of stretching is superior to most standard stretching methods. PIR is so effective because following the muscle contraction your brain greatly decreases the number of signals transmitted to that muscle for a short window of time. During this small window of decreased input from the brain Dr. Bollenbach is able to achieve increased stretch of the tight muscle. By increasing the length of the muscle utilizing PIR, tension of the sore area is reduced and pain melts away. It is not uncommon to leave feeling more relaxed with increased freedom of movement following your first PIR session.